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      Book a Date. You fill out the form on this page and we'll follow up with a screening request.

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      Get To Know You. After screening, you receive an application and instructions on payment.

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      Matchmaking. We work our magic and contact potential matches for you, then send an email with your date's bio confirming a time and place to meet - we even plan the date from start to finish.

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      The Date. You fall in love! (or at least have a good time)

  • Not Into Labels? Neither Are We.

    You deserve better than impersonal algorithms and spam full of incompatible matches. Unlike dating apps or other matchmaking services, The Rendez never uses labels to make assumptions about you. Instead, we learn about you on a personal level and make lasting connections. Forming these connections is a skill we’ve fine-tuned over the years. Our process is grounded in conversational-based learning (a belief reflected in the style of our unique application).

    Create The First Impression You Want.

    Your matches will always be handpicked by our well-networked staff based on your personality and preferences. We’re selective in our process (for both safety and quality) and not all prospectives make the cut. While anyone can create a free dating profile, at The Rendez we curate your first impression – and presenting the best version of you is our specialty.

    Collect Experiences, Not Pen Pals.

    Unlike dating websites and apps that are built to keep you on the site, our matchmaking service encourages immediate face-to-face meetings – a technique that’s backed by psychological research in dating patterns. See our packages to learn more about the dates we arrange for you.

    Is A Matchmaking Service For Me?

    Are you an unconventional dater who’s tired of conventional dating sites and singles events? Are you looking for a traditional match? Perhaps you fall somewhere on the spectrum between both identities. Ditch the algorithms that treat you like a stereotype and stick with the personal touch. We cater to:

    • Polyamorous relationships
    • Discreet encounters
    • Traditional romance
    • LGBTQ dating

    This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to sign up via the intake form above or email our concierge with any further questions. We also encourage you to check out our blog and discover what it takes to curate the perfect date.


    Read Our Blog


    Because we concentrate on experiences, The Rendez offers packages instead of memberships. Each package is designed to specifically meet your needs and intentions (including relationship type), and are customizable. No Rendez™ is the same as the next.


    The Rendezvous

      • We introduce you to one match
      • The date takes place at a reading at The Strand, during Chelsea gallery-hopping, at a sexy speakeasy, or at your choice of our partner locations.


    The Dinner Party 

      • We introduce you to one match
      • The date takes place with one of our partners: a Michelin-star restaurant, upscale Vegan bistro, classic steakhouse, underground hot spot, or at your choice of another unique dining experience.

    The Free Spirit 

      • We introduce you to one match
      • The date takes place on a rooftop farm in Manhattan, in a hot air ballon, at a secret jazz club, or at your choice of another unique and exclusive partner location.


    The Millionaire 

      • We introduce you to one perfect match
      • The date takes place with an uber-romantic gesture – we’ll rent out an entire cinema for a movie and a date, ship you out on a yacht with a private chef, chauffeur you in a luxury car to a gourmet picnic, or some other luxurious date
      • Your personal concierge preps you before the date; hair and makeup artists touch you up before the date (complimentary)

    Each package entitles you to the benefits of our personal connections, especially when it comes to dating in NYC. From the bartender at The Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court to the director at Keen’s Steakhouse, we know them all! Experience the luxury of personalized service in the country’s biggest city when you book a Rendez™ with us.


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