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New Yorkers Share Their Freakiest First Date Stories

The women of Sex and the City have endured all means of wild and unimaginable first dates, but what do real New Yorkers experience on the daily? According to literally everyone, dating in NYC can be a shitstorm not easily endured by the faint of heart. These first date horror stories, curated by a community on Reddit, are …

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Top 6 Most Romantic Restaurants In NYC

So, you’ve scoured the dating sites and dating apps looking for the perfect date, or you’ve used a matchmaker to set up a date, and know you’re stumped on which restaurant will make the best first impression. It’s easy to consult Yelp and OpenTable for recommendations, but much like flipping through matches on Tinder, identifying …

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First Date Mistakes That Are Killing Your Game

No one wants to make a bad first impression, but a first date can bring out the worst in us without conscious effort. Take a deep breath, and think through your nerves. Concentrate on your very best personal qualities, and consider these suggestions when making a good impression. Bad Manners Make A Bad First Impression …